Purchase an Extended Warranty

Why You Need Extended Warranty for your TV?

  • Repair & Service cost:  After the expiry of standard warranty all defects cost are chargeable including panel, motherboard, remote, power supply, etc.

  • Panel Failure: Do you know the most expensive part of the TV is your panel and what if your TV panel malfunctions due to technical issues after standard warranty of one year? Your total investment for your TV can be wiped out if your panel malfunctions/fail which costs 80 % of your TV cost.

Benefits of Vu Extended Warranty, you can enjoy peace of mind since your product will be protected against any technical problems.

With the Extended Warranty program*, you do not have to worry about price rises in the future. It offers great value and is completely hassle free. It is cost effective to upgrade to extended warranty. It reduces downtime and operating cost of the product and services.