VU Televisions - E-  Waste Policy

Vu encourages recycling of all useful and valuable material from e-waste

so as to conserve the ever depleting natural resources.

Recycling end-of-life products is vital for us to save resources

and minimize waste and pollution of our environment.

RECYCLE - for a cleaner  & greener earth.


Our  E-waste  management  program  is  specifically  aimed  at  capturing  all  our  e-waste  across  India  and  recycling  through  e  recyclers  -  (authorized   & approved  by the central  pollution  control board.  Delhi .)

As a part of the e-waste recycling initiative, VU has partnered with India’s leading electronic asset management and e-waste disposal companies. Under this partnership, VU will provide and ensure environmentally safe management of electronics that have reached their end-of-life phase. All the necessary and legal authorizations required for the processing facilities have been taken and approved by the concerned governmental agencies. The recycling and disposal of e-waste help us to ensure the protection of the environment from any hazardous consequences.


 Under our re-cycling policy and the legislation passed by the Ministry of Environment and Forests (MoEF), &  CPCB  , known as e-waste (management & handling) Rules 2011, with effect for 1st May, 2012:

VU will seek equal responsibility and co-operation from our customers in reducing the harmful impact of electronic products

VU will also abide by all the rules related to E- Waste management as   presribed  from  time  to  time .


How to identify that this is an e-waste product :

All electrical or electronic products having wires / PCB / Led / Lcd panels and it is not usable and cannot be repaired / end of  life .

Why re-cycling should be done? Benefits.
Recycling of old electronic product is beneficial in following ways: There is need to encourage recycling of all useful and valuable material from e-waste so as to conserve the ever depleting natural resources. Recycling end-of-life products is vital if we are to save resources and minimize  e waste. Also scientific disposal of e-waste reduces the environment pollution. The correct disposal of old product will help prevent potential negative consequences for the environment and human health.


Re-cycle for our FUTURE.

VU  Recycling  Program

Vu recycle program is a comprehensive commitment towards environment in adherence to Indian recycling laws, in order to reduce electronic waste and encourage recycling of consumer electronics pan India.

How the program works

VU has signed contracts directly with government authorized recycling companies who have committed to no incineration, land filling, or exporting of hazardous waste to developing countries.
VU provides its consumers with convenient ways of recycling tv’s, These include toll-free nos /br locations for tv drops/recycle info on  VU support page.

 Regardless of the method, no fee is charged from the consumer for giving the goods for recycling.

The product should not be dropped in garbage bins containing municipal waste or given to local scrap dealers.

How does Vu ensure safe recycling of consumer electronics products and its components?

It is ensured by selecting recyclers who do not incinerate, send to solid landfill or export toxic waste (defined in a manner consistent with the commonly accepted definitions of hazardous waste) to other countries. This is further enforced by ongoing audits and inspections of recycling operations and processes. We  are audited by the  Central pollution control board of India.

Do consumers have to pay for getting their electronics recycled?

Consumers do not have to pay any fee for recycling of their products used in India.

What are the negative effects of improper recycling and dismantling of old electrical & electronic items?

(i) If the material is disposed of in open, then it may cause health risks and damage to the environment.
(ii) Presence of heavy metals such as cadmium, lead etc and other toxic substances may pose risk to health and environment.

How much time does the collection and recycling of consumer electronics goods take?

Within 72 working hrs of registering a request at the call center, one of the collection center executives will get in touch with you. The goods will be collected from your premises between 9 am to 6 pm.

7. How to safely handle the product while disposing of?

(i) An old defective product should be kept separately from other products.
(ii) The product should not be dropped in garbage bins containing municipal waste.
(iii) It should be handed over to the authorized recycler/company for safe recycling.


In our endeavor to ensure a better future, we at VU adopt eco-friendly innovations and practices. Acting responsibly towards the environment, we have pledged to recycle our electronic items, such as TV,

Our initiative towards leading a more conscious life, and taking an informed step towards conservation and optimization of resources. So, when an electronic product reaches its end-of-life, we take it back and recycle.

Our Commitment

It is our endeavor at VU televisions to build a greener ecosystem through our eco- friendly products, solutions, and technologies that benefit customers, respect our planet and deliver a better tomorrow for the coming generations.

What are the negative consequences if proper recycling is not done.
Any disposal through unauthorized agencies/person will attract action under Environment (Protection) Act 1986, which provides for imprisonment up to 5 years or with fine up to Rs. 1 Lac or both.

Followings are negative consequences of the disposal of the product if not done in a scientific way :

  • Toxic material present in e-waste get mixed with earth, air, water etc and causes health issues.

  • Burning of rubber & Plastic in open area causes air pollution.

How the product is to be properly handled while disposing of it.
The product should not be damaged, dismantled or thrown in municipal waste. It should be packed and handed over to authorized re-cycler.

What are the effects if the product is dismantled by the user.
All the products are safe for a human being to use. However in case of breakage/dismantling in an unscientific way could cause damage to the environment or human being (directly or indirectly). Chances are there that user might come in contact with chemicals which could cause irritation in skin & eyes, might cause dizziness, etc. Also, sharp edges of electronic items could cause damage to the body.

What precautions to be taken in case of any accidental breakage and the person is exposed to such hazardous substances.
In case of accidental breakage of consumer durable products like:

TV / LCD / LED : Breakage of Picture-tube / LCD – don’t touch the glass with bare-hand and collect the glass scrap in a bag/carton. Clean your eyes & hand properly.

What will happen if the product is not properly handled and is given/sold to scrap dealer like any other ordinary scrap?
In case e-Waste is sold to unauthorized dealers (Kabbadi), they don’t have scientific tools to recycle the products and therefore they are not authorized by the Pollution Control Board. In the open area, they burn the plastic parts, break the seal of parts which carries gases and try to extract metals. Such smoke and gases pollute the environment. Also, hazardous residual are thrown in landfills which is

dangerous for land, water, air, and living beings.

How to contact for e-waste disposal 
To locate the nearest collection center or call for pick-up for disposal of tv’s, please contact Toll-Free No. 1800-22 -8455 for details. All collection centers and pick up facilities are done by third parties, with  VU as a facilitator.

DO  and  dont’s  for  our  customers.


  • Follow the instructions for proper handling of end of  life equipment in our catalogs.

  • Make sure that your electronic products are recycled only by authorized recyclers/dismantlers or hand over to our nearest center.

  • Consult your nearest VU Collection Point for disposing products that have reached the end of life

  • Drop off used electronic products, remotes/cables or any accessories at the nearest VU Collection Point at your cost

  • Separate the packaging materials from the electronic products as per safe waste disposal options

  • Protect the glass surface of any electronic product to avoid breakage injury.


  • Never dismantle your electronic products yourself

  • Never dispose of electronic products in bins having ‘Do Not Dispose of’ sign

  • Never sell or give e-waste to informal and unorganized sectors like local scrap dealer/ rag pickers

  • Never throw your electronic waste along with municipal waste as they end up reaching landfills


For safe disposal of product after end of life carry them to our nearest collection point 

For any further query/suggestion regarding E-Waste write a mail to  :

Our  recycling  collection  centers

For nearest collection point details call on our Toll free no. 1800 22 8455 .